… AMC wants to cut two minutes from each [Mad Men] episode, in favor of more commercials, as well as integrate product placement into the show. Given that it’s set in the 60’s, the kinds of brands that they could include — or at least their labeling — would prove interesting. No consumer electronics, for sure.

Additionally, the network wants to make a major change in the show’s DNA, by cutting two actors to cut costs. Neither of the actors has been revealed.

Predictably, Weiner has balked, and thus, no deal for season five has been made …

… The Daily says that the network could actually cancel the show. “Weiner is being completely screwed by AMC,” a source told the Daily. “No one would have heard of AMC if not for Matt Weiner and ‘Mad Men.’ But they will not renew the show unless he accedes to all their demands.”


Huffington Post

As much as I want “Mad Men” back, I’m with Matthew Weiner on this one. The show is too good to sully with product placement and budget cuts. AMC is really screwing themselves.

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